NYU and De Correspondent Launch New Laboratory for Community Supported Investigative News

Democracy Fund’s investment in this project builds on more than $18 million in earlier grants which have focused on supporting a vibrant public square in America. We are particularly excited for how this project can dovetail with the work of the recently launched News Revenue Hub…That work is already seeing profoundly exciting results and they will be core partners in the work with New York University and De Correspondent. (Democracy Fund)

Media Leaders Spill Their Revenue Secrets to Kai Ryssdal at ONA

While journalism business models remain in an often painful state of flux, three revenue sources have proven themselves to be both resilient and fruitful, especially when used together: membership, smarter advertising and live events. Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal moderated “arguably the most important panel of the entire smash right here.” First up was Mary Walter-Brown, publisher and c.o.o. of Voice of San Diego. (Current)

Join the Truth Squad

We’ve been working with a group of nonprofit news organizations, led by Voice of San Diego, for several months to build the look and feel of the Truth Squad … We hope reader contributions will help us as we work to find a financially sustainable model for public accountability journalism … Our independence is incredibly valuable to us, and we don’t let anyone … tell us what to fact-check. (PolitiFact)

How Voice of San Diego is Helping Five Newsrooms Bring Memberships Into the Revenue Mix

At the end of November, non-profit news outlet Voice of San Diego launched the News Revenue Hub, a new initiative that aims to centralise memberships by advising and supporting five other organisations in setting up customised membership programmes. During the year-long pilot, a team at Voice of San Diego will work with InsideClimate News, NJ Spotlight, Honolulu Civil Beat, The Lens and Politifact to hone their membership strategies and set up regular appeals and campaigns to monetise their audiences. (journalism.co.uk)